About Us

A Message from Rick:

My history of love for pets is enduring. I grew up on a farm raising purebred dogs and began showing dogs at the age of eight through 4-H. My interest in training and showing dogs evolved into the professional level at the age of fourteen showing my dogs as well as others’ in American Kennel Club professional shows.

Through many years of successful show levels from local county fairs to the Iowa State Fair to sanctioned AKC shows and my true love for pets it became apparent to me this was a dream I should follow.

After graduating high school I continued my efforts of showing and teaching through Hawkeye Community College, Independence Schools and other surrounding school systems, Buchanan County Extension and Northeast Iowa Community College with the ultimate dream to expand my services on a business level to care for pets and give back to the community and raise my family where I was raised.

Pets Allowed has proven standards and success since 1995, when we opened our current facility, which ensures the best possible care for your pet. It is my personal commitment to provide the unconditional love and care you would provide to your pet through our lodging, grooming and training services.



Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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